Math 210C: rep theory

Akshay Venkatesh, MWF 1:15-2:05, 381T.

Summary Compact Lie groups and their representation theory. Our goal is describe the structure and classification of compact Lie groups, and study their representation theory. The course text is Brocker and tom Dieck, "Representations of compact Lie groups."

As prerequisites, you should be familiar with basics of topology of manifolds (e.g. differential forms, submersions, etc.) and you should also be familiar with the basics of the representation theory of finite groups.

A more detailed outline is given here.

Office hours: My office hours will be M 12:30-1:15, W: 12:30-1:15, Friday 2-3. My office is 383E. The CA is Arnav Tripathy, and his office hours will be Monday 5:30--8:30 in his office 381-F.
Assessment: Homeworks (70%), take-home midterm (15%), take-home final (15%). As announced in class, the final will be optional, i.e. I'll include it if it improves your grade only.
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