Summer School and Workshop "Recent Advances in PDEs and Fluids"

Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
August 5-18, 2013

The summer school will be held as part of an FRG project "Singularities, mixing and long time behavior in nonlinear evolution", on August 5-15, 2013. It aims to bring together leading researchers in nonlinear partial differential equations and computations, as well as younger researchers in the field. The summer school will include five main lecture series, of about five hours each, that will be aimed at the level of graduate students and postdocs. Some participants will deliver shorter research talks as well. The summer school will be followed by a three-day research workshop on August 16-18, 2013, that will involve both summer school participants and other researchers.

Mini-course speakers:

Peter Constantin Princeton University, On the surface quasi-geostrophic equations Abstract
Tom Hou California Institute of Technology, The search for 3D Euler singularities: The interplay between analysis and numerics Abstract
Felix Otto Max Planck Institute, A quantitative theory of stochastic homogenization Abstract
Benoit Perthame Universite Paris VI, Adaptive evolution and concentrations in nonlocal parabolic PDEs Abstract
Vladimir Sverak University of Minnesota, Aspects of the incompressible Navier-Stokes and Euler's equations Abstract

The school schedule
The workshop schedule (in Cummings ART 2)
Tom Hou lecture notes for Lecture 1
Benoit Perthame Lecture 1
Benoit Perthame Lecture 2
Benoit Perthame Lecture 3
Benoit Perthame Lecture 4
Benoit Perthame Lecture 5
Felix Otto slides
Luis Silvestre Lecture
David Levermore Lecture 1
David Levermore Lecture 2

Funding for this workshop has been provided by the National Science Foundation . In order to apply for support, junior participants should send their CV to either Sasha Kiselev or Lenya Ryzhik. Further details will be posted as they become available. Deadline for the applicationfor financial support is April 10, 2013.