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Norm and trace: pdf.
Sign of discriminant: pdf.
Some vertical factorization: pdf.
Discriminant ideals: pdf.
Etale algebras: pdf.
Transitivity of discriminants: pdf.
Class groups and quadratic forms: pdf.
Norm method to get class group relations: pdf.
Absolute values: pdf.
S-integer lattice: pdf.
Adeles as dual group: pdf.
Adelic lattice: pdf.
Completion of algebraic closure: pdf.
Character associated to a quadratic field pdf.
Tameness and composite fields: pdf.
Examples concerning extensions of local fields pdf.
Higher ramification groups pdf.
Surjectivity for inertia and wild inertia groups pdf.
Global extensions approximating local extensions pdf.
Compactness results for the idele group pdf.
Lecture notes of Schoof on algebraic number theory pdf.