Number theory learning seminar 2012-2013

The seminar will meet Fridays 3:30 - 5:30 in Room 383-N in the winter and spring quarters. The topic for 2012-2013 is Shimura varieties roughly following Deligne's "Travaux de Shimura" after some preliminary discussion of analytic motivation and examples. In past years, we covered p-adic L-functions and CM theory (2011-12), the Mordell conjecture (2010), modularity lifting (2009), and the proof of the Weil conjectures (2008).

Here are some references which may be relevant for this year's seminar:
(1) "Travaux de Shimura" by Deligne
(2) "Introduction to Shimura varieties" by Milne
(3) Handout on Shimura Data from Brian Conrad's course on modular curves

The speaking slots are tentative, not set in stone: please do contact Brian, Samit or Akshay and express your desire to speak. The tentative schedule for the seminar can be found below after the notes for past talks.

Notes -- use at your own risk.

These are informal notes written by each speaker. They may change from time to time as we edit them.

Winter quarter
0 Dec 7, Jan 11 Akshay Introduction to Shimura varieties
1 Jan 18, 25 Dan L. Variation of Hodge Structures pdf
2 Feb 1 Akshay Period domains and period mapping pdf
3 Feb 8, 15 Brandon Hermitian symmetric spaces pdf
4 Feb 22 Martin Luu Shimura data
5 Mar 1, 15 Brian Real algebraic groups & Shimura data pdf
Spring quarter
6 Apr 5, 12 Rebecca Moduli spaces of Abelian varieties over Q
7 Apr 19 Arnav Compatibility with analytic moduli space
8 Apr 25 Mike L. Baily-Borel pdf
9 May 3 Sam L. Adelic point of view pdf
10 May 10 Jeremy & Iurie Analytic/adelic Galois action on CM-points pdf
11 May 17 Akshay Special points and examples
12 May 24 Brian Deligne's Theorem, I
13 May 31 Brian Deligne's Theorem, II

For more details on what each lecture will cover with references see here .