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Background lecture notes (by S. Lichtenstein) pdf.
Current course lecture notes (by T. Feng) pdf.
Lang's theorem and dynamic methods pdf.
Torus centralizer of a coset space pdf.
Basics of reductivity and semisimplicity pdf.
Applications of Grothendieck's covering theorem pdf.
Nilpotence and unipotent groups pdf.
Structure of solvable groups pdf.
Root datum pdf.
Compactness and anisotropicity pdf.
Unirationality pdf.
Center and adjoint kernel pdf.
Root systems for classical groups pdf.
Simple isogeny factors pdf.
Geometric Bruhat decomposition pdf.
Tits systems pdf.
Relative Bruhat decomposition pdf.
Examples of relative roots pdf.
Reductive centralizer pdf.
Cartan's connectedness theorem pdf.
Examples of standard parabolic subgroups pdf.
The *-action pdf.
Relatve root groups and Tits systems pdf.