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Course Notes pdf.
Quaternions pdf.
Smoothness of inversion pdf.
Adjoint representation pdf.
Maximal compact subgroups pdf.
ODE pdf.
Integral curves pdf.
More applications of the exponential map pdf.
Local and global Frobenius theorems pdf.
Character theory pdf.
Representations of sl(2) pdf.
Weyl groups and character lattices pdf.
Weyl Jacobian pdf.
Class functions and Weyl groups pdf.
Weyl group computations pdf.
Fundamental groups pdf.
Clifford algebras pdf.
SU(2) pdf.
Coroot pdf.
Dual root system pdf.
Root system calculations pdf.
Root system decomposition pdf.
Size of fundamental groups pdf.
Non-closed commutators pdf.
Simple factors pdf.
Table of centers pdf.
Representation ring and algebraicity pdf.