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Real radicals and roots of unity pdf.
Separability and derivatives pdf.
Finite-dimensional commutative algebras pdf.
Inseparable extensions pdf.
Norm and trace pdf.
Separating transcendence basis pdf.
Modules of differentials pdf.
Irreducible closed sets and primes pdf.
Spec pdf.
Generalized Cayley-Hamitlon pdf.
Integral closure and localization pdf.
Quadratic integer rings pdf.
Artinian rings pdf.
Normal field extensions pdf.
Noether normalization pdf.
Dimension and codimension pdf.
Dedekind domains pdf.
Product decomposition of artinian rings pdf.
Why study representation theory? pdf.
Quaternions pdf.
Abelian dual group and finite Fourier transform pdf.
Character theory for compact Lie groups pdf.
Frobenius-Schur (realizability over the real numbers) pdf.
Induced representations and A_5 character table pdf.
Completion pdf.
Gluing pdf.
Some history pdf.