Jesse Madnick

Fifth-year math graduate student at Stanford.
I am advised by both Rick Schoen and Robert Bryant (Duke).
My CV as of November 2016 is here.

Office: Room 380-T (basement of building 380)
E-mail: jmadnick [at] math [dot] stanford [dot] edu

Interests: Differential geometry, special holonomy,
calibrated geometry, gauge theory

Solutions to past algebra quals:
Fall 2009
Spring 2011
Spring 2012


I am interested in Riemannian manifolds with special holonomy. In particular, I am thinking about nearly Kahler 6-manifolds and group actions on them.


Current teaching: I am a TA for Math 53 (Fall 2016).
Office Hours:
  • Tue: 1:40 - 2:40
  • Wed: 4:00 - 5:00
Review Sheets for Students: Previous teaching:
  • Spring 2016: I was a CA for Math 52.
  • Winter 2016: I was a TA for Math 51.
  • Summer 2015: I was a drop-in TA at SUMaC (Program II).
  • Spring 2015: I was the CA for Math 177.
  • Winter 2015: I was a TA for Math 42.
  • Summer 2014: I was a drop-in TA at SUMaC (Program II).
  • Winter 2014: I was the CA for Math 19.
  • Fall 2013: I was a TA for Math 41.


Seminars organized:
Notes from talks I've given (unpolished):

1. The Cartan-Janet Theorem: Local isometric embedding of real-analytic metrics into euclidean space.