András Vasy

I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics of Stanford University.

My address is: Department of Mathematics, Building 380, Stanford University, 450 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford CA 94305-2125, USA. My fax number is 650-725-4066.

My e-mail address is andras "at" math dot stanford dot edu.

This year I am teaching:
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I was on sabbatical last year!

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Autumn 2007 I taught: The previous year (2006-2007) I also taught:
In spring 2004, back at MIT, I taught 18.157, Introduction to Microlocal Analysis: here is the web page. The previous fall I taught 18.152, Introduction to Partial Differential Equations: here is the web page. In March 2004, I gave a lecture at the Clay Mathematics Institute on distribution theory; if you are an undergraduate interested in the flavor of modern analysis, please have a look at the overheads in postscript or pdf format.

With Pierre Albin, I am coorganizing a conference `Geometric Applications of Microlocal Analysis' at Stanford University on September 2-5, 2022.

In autumn 2019 I coorganized a conference with Maciej Zworski on Microlocal Analysis and Spectral Theory in honor of Richard Melrose at UC Berkeley.

I am co-organizing a semester-long program on microlocal analysis at MSRI in Autumn 2019.

I co-organized a meeting in honor of Gunther Uhlmann, and a meeting at Northwestern University on Microlocal Methods in Spectral and Scattering Theory.

Daniel Grieser, Stefan Teufel and I are organized a meeting on Microlocal Methods in Mathematical Physics and Global Analysis in Tübingen on June 14-18, 2011.

On October 25-26, 2008, I co-organized a conference in honor of Richard Melrose's upcoming 60th birthday.

I am organizing the Analysis and PDE seminar. We are not meeting in Fall 2008 due to the special semester at MSRI on Analysis on Singular Spaces.

My research area is partial differential equations, more specifically microlocal analysis and geometric scattering theory. This is a link to the web page of the Stanford seminar calendar for the current week, this to the MIT analysis and PDE seminar, and here is the Northwestern math seminar calendar.

I'm an editor for

Jared Wunsch and I organized a meeting on Scattering theory and singular spaces at Northwestern University on May 27-30, 2005.

In March 2002, I co-organized a conference in honor of Richard Melrose's 25 years at MIT.

My 2014 ICM slides.

My lecture notes from an AMS session talk at Penn State in October 2009 on asymptotically anti de Sitter spaces, and the updated version from Banff in March 2010.

My lecture notes from my talk at MSRI in October 2008 on de Sitter-Schwarzschild space.

My lecture notes (slightly preliminary version) for the 2007 joint meeting in New Orleans are here.

These are my lecture notes for my February 5, 2006, talk at the CUNY Geometric Analysis Conference on Scattering theory on symmetric spaces and N-body scattering in postscript; also in pdf. The Berkeley colloquium pdf version and the further improved UW colloquium pdf version are also available in pdf.

I gave a lecture at École Polytechnique in April, 2005, on the propagation of singularities for the wave equation on manifolds with corners. Most of the results stated there are written up in a preprint listed below; the lecture notes are available here.

Propagation of singularities for the wave equation on manifolds with corners.

Notes from École Polytechnique, based on lecture on April 18, 2005.

A more accessible version of this talk was given at the Mathematical Physics meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, and the notes are being published in the Contemporary Mathematics series of AMS in the volume ``Recent Advances in Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics''. The pdf and ps files are available here.

A sequel, on diffraction by edges, concentrating on the strength of the singularity of the reflected wave, was given at Berkeley in February 2006. Its slightly modified version, to be given in Cambridge, is available as overheads or as a computer presentation.

These are the overhead transparencies for my talk at the Perspectives in Inverse Problems meeting in Helsinki in June 2004. An abbreviated version was presented at the AMS meeting in Evanston in October, 2004.

These are my lecture notes from the minicourse I gave at the Université de Nantes in May 2002, which have been published as Geometry and analysis in many-body scattering, Inside out: inverse problems and applications, 333--379, Math. Sci. Res. Inst. Publ., 47, Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2003.

These are my lecture notes from the Inverse Problems session of the Pisa AMS-UMI joint meeting in June 2002.

In spring 2001, Vesselin Petkov, Maciej Zworski and I organized a semester-long program in scattering theory at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute in Vienna. Information is available here and from the Erwin Schrödinger Institute web site.

I gave a lecture at École Polytechnique in February, 2001, on a joint project with Andrew Hassell and Richard Melrose. Part of the results stated there are written up in a preprint listed below; the lecture notes are available here.

Spectral and scattering theory for symbolic potentials of order zero.

Notes from École Polytechnique, based on lecture on February 27, 2001.

This is a link to the Geometry, analysis and mathematical physics conference in San Feliu in September, 2000, where I was an invited speaker. I participated in the 1999 Conference on partial differential equations at St. Jean-de-Monts. The lecture notes are available here.

You can find my manuscripts, some joint work with Bernd Ammann, Dean Baskin, Piotr Chrusciel, Hans Christianson, Paolo Creminelli, Kiril Datchev, Jesse Gell-Redman, Nick Haber, Dietrich Häfner, Andrew Hassell, Peter Hintz, Maarten de Hoop, Lizhen Ji, Robert Lauter, Rafe Mazzeo, Richard Melrose, Marius Mitrea, Werner Müller, Luc Nguyen, Victor Nistor, Oliver Lindblad Petersen, Antonio Sa Barreto, Emmanuel Schenk, Leonardo Senatore, Plamen Stefanov, Michael Taylor, Paul Tod, Gunther Uhlmann, Xue Ping Wang, Yiran Wang, Herwig Wendt, Michal Wrochna, Jared Wunsch or Maciej Zworski, in postscript or pdf format below.

Together with Richard Melrose and Maciej Zworski, I gave a series of lectures at the beginning of November, 1998, at the Aarhus workshop on Geometric scattering. My lectures focused on propagation estimates (as in propagation of `singularities' for generalized eigenfunctions) and its consequences (structure of S-matrices) in many-body scattering. Here is a very brief description of the lectures.

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