Analysis and PDE Seminar Homepage, Autumn-Winter-Spring 2017/2018

Location: 384I.

Time: Monday, 4pm.

  • Tuesday, January 16, BAMAS at Stanford, Room 383N

  • Monday, February 12:

    Yiran Wang (University of Washington)

    ``Inverse problems for the Einstein-Maxwell equations’'

    Abstract: We study the inverse problem of determining space-time structures using Einstein equations in general relativity. This type of problem was introduced by Kurylev, Lassas and Uhlmann in 2013. We consider the Einstein-Maxwell model and show the unique determination of the Vacuum space-time structure in a neighborhood of an observer. The solution of the problem is based on the understanding of the nonlinear interaction of gravitational and electromagnetic waves, especially from the microlocal point of view as the interaction of singularities for nonlinear hyperbolic equations. This is a joint work with M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann.
  • Monday, March 5:

    Charles Fefferman (Princeton)


  • Monday, March 12:

    Boyu Zhang (Harvard)


  • Tuesday, March 13, BAMAS at Berkeley, Room TBA:

  • Monday, April 9:

    Jeff Galkowski (Stanford)