18.024 Final Comments and Grades

The median on the quiz 4 was 62. The solutions are available here (ps. pdf).

Final grades

Here are the final grades to those people who left alphanumeric codes (as far as I could tell). If you're not on the list and would like your grade, please drop by, or e-mail. (Keep in mind that e-mail is not fully secure.) Also, if you would like to know more details of your grade, please ask as well.

Code Quiz 4 grade Overall grade
830 42 B
911 27 C+
1024 76 A+
52982 62 A-
9666703 78 A
65537879 37 C+
3x10^8 91 A+
A27R 52 C
A4434Z 15 D
A52ET 65 B+
Blue42 69 A-
GS701 62 B
Kermit 42 C-
P314159 65 A
P5L6P 52 B
PKA314 66 B
Punchy 35 C-
R985586 30 B+
S21 59 A+
Speedy 46 B+
thanks 78 A+

Have a great summer, and good luck in the future!

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