MATH 137

Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics

Winter Quarter 2013

MoWe  11 am  - 12:15 pm 



INSTRUCTOR - Professor Yakov Eliashberg



Office hours:  Mo 3:10-4pm TuWe 1-2pm 

Course syllabus

Text: V.I. Arnold Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics, Springer-Verlag, Second Edition

Homework will be given once every two weeks.

There will be a take-home Final Exam.

The grade will be based on attendance (40%), homework (30%) and the Final Exam (30%)

 The class  will  be  using the Piazza system:
Piazza is a question-and-answer platform specifically designed to get you answers fast.
You can use  Piazza for  asking questions, as well as answering questions of your classmates.
Please never hesitate to ask questions. Your questions will also benefit other students.
The instructor and the TA will be monitoring  all the discussions on Piazza.



Homework N 1
Homework N 2
Homework N 3
Homework N 4
   Final Exam