General information

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I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University. In Spring 2018 I am teaching Math 120, and in Winter 2018 I taught Math Discovery Lab.

My research is in topology, especially low-dimensional topology, and representation theory. I am especially interested in moduli spaces, broadly defined. I was honored to receive the 2015 Kamil Duszenko Prize.

My CV is available.

I've just posted notes from a undergraduate reading course on differential topology.

New papers posted:
Which groups are amenable to proving exponent two for matrix multiplication?, with Blasiak, Cohn, Grochow, and Umans (posted December 2017)

On finite generation of the Johnson filtrations, with Ershov and Putman (posted November 2017)

Linear and quadratic ranges in representation stability, with Miller, Nagpal, and Reinhold (posted June 2017)

Bounding the homology of FI-modules (posted December 2016)

On cap sets and the group-theoretic approach to matrix multiplication, with Blasiak, Cohn, Grochow, Naslund, Sawin, and Umans (major update August 2016)

The codimension-one cohomology of SLnZ, with Putman (July 2016, final version)

Homology of FI-modules, with Ellenberg (major rewrite September 2016, final version)

Integrality in the Steinberg module and the top-dimensional cohomology of GLnOK, with Farb and Putman (revised August 2016)