Maggie Miller


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Research interests

I am interested in geometric low-dimensional (usually 4, but sometimes 3 or 5) topology. Many of my previous projects have involved embeddings of surfaces in 4-manifolds, e.g. constructing/obstructing isotopies and concordances between surfaces, finding interesting structures on the complements of surfaces, or understanding surfaces from a diagrammatic point of view. Surfaces in 4-manifolds can be used to create exotic 4-manifolds or understand h-cobordisms of 4-manifolds; they are a natural object of study to 4-dimensional topologists.

My favorite open problem is to decide whether the unknot bounds a unique ribbon disk up to isotopy rel boundary. I find this problem interesting because ribbon disks (disks in B4 with no local maxima with respect to radial height) are arguably the simplest possible surfaces and live in perhaps the simplest 4-manifold (B4), yet even if we restrict to the simplest possible boundary (the unknot), we still do not understand the class of all such objects. (In fact, we do not even understand π0 of the space of all ribbon disks bounded by the unknot, let alone the whole space.) I think this illustrates some of the complexity of 4-dimensional topology.

Papers and preprints

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