Maggie Miller

Maggie Miller


About me

I am a Visiting Clay Fellow in the math department at Stanford University. I'm also a fellow in the Stanford Science Fellows program.

I am interested in geometric topology in dimensions 3–5, especially questions about knotted surfaces in 4-manifolds. I finished my Ph.D. in 2020 at Princeton University, where my advisor was David Gabai. I just moved from MIT, where I was an NSF postdoctoral scholar.

In my free time, I collect Rubik's Cubes and enjoy other puzzles like crosswords and acrostics.

Contact info

Maggie Miller


Things I co-organize

The Geometric Topology Grad and Postdoc Seminar (GT GAPS), a weekly Zoom seminar

The Stanford Topology Seminar

The 4-Dimensional Topology AIM Research Community, an online research community running during 2021

AMS Special Session on Knot Theory in Dimension Four at JMM 2022

Topology in Dimension 4.5, a 5-day workshop at BIRS in November 2022

Other things I'm participating in

AMS Fall Central Sectional Meeting (online), 9–10 October 2021

AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting (online), 20–21 November 2021

2022 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Seattle, 5–8 January 2022

Braids in Low-Dimensional Topology at ICERM, 25–29 April 2022

AMS-SMF-EMS Joint International Meeting in Grenoble, 18–22 July 2022

AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting at the University of Utah, 22–23 October 2022

I am in an AIM SQuaRE with Paolo Aceto, Nickolas Castro, JungHwan Park, and András Stipsicz. We will study Casson–Gordon homotopy 4-balls and related problems.

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