K. Soundararajan

Professor of Mathematics
Stanford University
450 Serra Mall, Building 380
Stanford, CA 94305-2125

e-mail: ksound(at)math(dot)stanford(dot)edu

I moved to Stanford in 2006. Previously I was on the faculty of the University of Michigan. In the past, I have also been supported by the American Institute of Mathematics. I am interested in number theory, especially L-functions and multiplicative number theory.


All of my recent papers have been posted on the arXiv. Here is a link to the recent listings in number theory, and a link to my papers. Please be warned that sometimes the published version may be a little different from the arXiv version. For the publication details you may check MathSciNet.


This Fall (2016) I'll be running (together with Ravi Vakil) the Polya problem solving seminar which is also listed as the one credit course Math 193. If you're interested in this, or in taking the Putnam exam, please email me or Ravi.

Notes from past courses

Additive Combinatorics
Transcendental number theory Notes taken by Ian Petrow.