Stanford Algebraic Geometry Seminar 2003-2004

Fridays 3:15-4:15 pm in 383-N

Click on the title to see the abstract (if available). For more information, please contact Jun Li ( or Ravi Vakil ( For last year's seminar listings, click here.

There is also a joint seminar with Berkeley, held four times per year. When the seminar is held at Berkeley, we'll organize cars to drive up; if you're interested, just let Ravi or Jun know. We'll stay for dinner (heavily subsidized for graduate students).

Schedule of talks:

September 26, 3 pm Adrian Clingher (Stanford) K3 surfaces vs. elliptic curves and flat bundles: A comparison of moduli spaces
October 3 no seminar (Ravi away)
October 10 Alexander Yong (Berkeley) Degeneracy loci, quiver coefficients and Schubert calculus
October 17 Jordan Ellenberg (Princeton) Number fields with bounded discriminant and rational points on quotients
Tues. October 21 (3:15 pm, Room 200-107, click here for map) Allen Knutson (Berkeley) and Sándor Kovács (Washington) Berkeley-Stanford joint seminar (at Stanford)
October 24 Mark Gross (Warwick)
October 31 Jim Carrell (UBC) Singularities of Schubert varieties, tangent cones and the momentum graph
November 7 Eric Katz (Stanford) Topological recursion relations by localization
Tues. November 11 (at Berkeley, 3:45 pm, Rm. 939 Evans Hall) Daniel Allcock (UT Austin) and David Eisenbud (Berkeley/MSRI) Berkeley-Stanford joint seminar (at Berkeley)
November 21 no seminar (R away)
November 28 no seminar (Thanksgiving recess)
December 5 Max Lieblich (MIT) Moduli of twisted sheaves and Azumaya algebras
January 23 Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu (Harvard) Marino-Vafa formula of one-partition Hodge integrals
January 30 no seminar (R away)
February 6 Xi Chen (Alberta) Hodge-D conjecture for K3 and abelian surfaces
Tues. February 10 (at Berkeley, 3:45 pm, Rm. 939) Maryam Mirzakhani (Harvard/Clay) and Harm Derksen (Michigan) Berkeley-Stanford joint seminar
February 20 no seminar planned
Mon. February 23 (joint with Algebraic Methods seminar) Martin Olsson (MIT) Monodromy and algebraic stacks
March 5 no seminar (R away)
March 12 no seminar planned
Mon. March 29 (joint with Algebraic Methods seminar) Charles Doran (Columbia/Washington) Integral structure, toric geometry, and homological mirror symmetry
Tues. March 30 (at Stanford, 383-N, 3:15-5:45) Joe Harris (Harvard) and Mark de Cataldo (Stonybrook) Berkeley-Stanford joint seminar
April 9 no seminar (R away; also Good Friday)
April 16
Mon. April 19 (joint with Algebraic Methods seminar) Jason Starr (MIT) Rational points of varieties defined over the function field of a surface
April 30 in 383-N at 3:30 Brian Conrad (Michigan) Irreducible specialization in higher genus
May 7 Michael Thaddeus (Columbia) Stable maps to a loop group
May 14 no seminar (R away)
May 21 no seminar (R away)
May 28 David Lehavi (Ohio State) Formulas for the arithmetic geometric mean of curves of genus 3

Future speakers: Gabi Farkas (Princeton/Texas fall 2004), Ezra Getzler (Northwestern), Mihran Papikian (Stanford).

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