Rough notes from lectures at summer 2007 deformation theory and moduli workshop

This webpage has rough notes taken from some of the lectures at the deformation theory and moduli workshop at MSRI in summer 2007. Warning: these notes are being edited in an ongoing manner. Also, keep in mind that these notes were taken in real time, so if you have any complaints, the typists are probably not keen to hear them.

Ravi's notes:

Osserman 1 (first Monday). Osserman 2 (first Tuesday). Osserman 3 (first Wednesday). Osserman 4 (first Thursday). Osserman 5 (second Monday). Osserman 6 (second Tuesday). Osserman 7 (second Wednesday). Osserman 8 (second Thursday).

Olsson 1. Olsson 2. Olsson 3. Olsson 4. Olsson 5. Olsson 6. Olsson 7. Olsson 8.

Lieblich 2. Lieblich 3. Lieblich 4. Lieblich 5. Lieblich 6. Lieblich 7. Lieblich 8.

Some of Jason Starr's lecture (the part dealing with obstruction theories).

Anton's notes are here.

Charlie Siegel's notes are here, by day. Day 1 (first Monday). Day 2. Day 3. Day 4. Day 5. Day 6 (second Monday). Day 7. Day 8. Day 9. Day 10 (last Friday).

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