Differential Equations with Theory (18.034) Final Grades

Here are the exam and course grades, for those of you who gave me codes. The median on the final exam was 108/150, or 72%. Please let me know if you have any questions, if possible by Wednesday afternoon. I should be in for much of Wed. afternoon, but if you e-mail me in advance and suggest a time, I can be sure to be around then. If you'd just like a breakdown of your grade (into homework, midterms, final), I can tell you that by e-mail if you wish. Have a good summer!

Ravi Vakil, Dept. of Mathematics Rm. 2-271, vakil@math.mit.edu.

Code Final exam (/150) Course grade
2B9AFB 94 A-
237 109 B
715 126 A
1729 138 A+
4913 111 B-
6275 96 B+
6358 120 A
7920 124 A+
82081 133 A+
0123456789 91 B-
abc123 85 B
Al Ahzred 125 A+
D432J 137 A+
god 93 B-
Iwannagohome 116 A-
jayemaech 88 B
Just use my name. I don't care. 140 A+
Lestatc1 111 A
MTB 106 A-
O'Brian 88 C+
POT80 95 A-
Rob 96 B+
seymore_butts 123 A+