Abstract Algebra, Math 120

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MWF 2:15-3:05, 380-380W
Instructor: Nat Thiem
Email: thiem@math.stanford.edu
Office: 382Q2
Office hours: M 1:10-2:10 and 3:10-4:10, F 3:10-4:10, or by appointment.

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Course Assistant

Daniel Ford
Email: dford (at) math.stanford.edu
Office: 381F
Office hours: T Th 1-3:30.


A brief course description

Basic structures in algebra: groups, rings, and fields. Elements of group theory: permutation groups, finite abelian groups, p-groups, Sylow theorems, polynomial rings, principal ideal domains, unique factorization domains. This coures is a "writing in the major" course.