Math 220: Partial Differential Equations

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TTh 1:30-2:50pm in 380Y.

Instructor: Lenya Ryzhik

  • Office: 380-382U
  • Office Hours: Temporarily T 3:45-5:00PM and by appointment.
  • Office Phone: 650-721-2113
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  • Course Assistant: Fei Liu

  • Office: ICME lobby
  • Office Hours: MW 3:30-5:30pm in 420-147
  • e-mail: liufei "at"

  • Course Structure:

  • Textbooks: A. Vasy "Partial Differential Equations", L.C. Evans "Partial Differential Equations", and Y. Pinchover and J. Rubinstein "An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations"
  • Lecture notes, to be more or less continuously updated
  • There will be one midterm, and a final. Homeworks will be due on some Thursdays.

  • Homeworks:

    Homework 1 (Due Thursday October 5)

  • Read the notes, Evans 2.1-2.2, and Pinchover-Rubinstein 2.1-2.4 for the method characteristics (but not in every detail, and only what is relevant for linear equations, we will come back to this later in the class), 7.1-7.2 for general education, and study 7.3-7.4. Section 7.5 has Green's identities, as does Appendix C.2 of Evans.
  • Homework 1 problems
  • Homework 1 solutions

    Homework 2 (Due Thursday October 19)

  • Homework 2 problems