Banff 2010 Talks

Benoit Perthame, Turing instabilities, traveling waves and concentrations in parabolic equations

Robert Jerrard, Accelerating fronts in a semilinear hyperbolic equation

Andrej Zlatos, Existence and non-existence of KPP traveling fronts in disordered media

Jun-cheng Wei, Traveling Wave Foliations of Allen-Cahn Equation Near Eternal Solutions of Mean Curvature Flow

Eric Brunet, The Fisher-KPP equation and other pulled fronts

Mohammad El Smaily, The KPP minimal speed within large drift in two dimensions

Lionel Roques, Accelerating rates of spread in reaction-diffusion recolonization models

Manuel del Pino, "Minimal surfaces and entire solutions of the Allen-Cahn equation

Yannick Sire, Some topics involving fractional powers of elliptic operators

Alexei Novikov, A stochastic particle system for the Burgers equation

Guillemette Chapuisat, Travelling fronts steered by the nonlinearity in biology

Jim Nolen, Traveling waves in an inhomogeneous medium

Vincent Calvez, Traveling pulses in chemotactic bacterial populations

Violaine Roussier-Michon, Travelling wave for the forced mean curvature motion: the talk is available upon request

Anne de Bouard, Stochastic nonlinear Schrodinger equations and modulation of solitary waves

Gautam Iyer, Large exit times of di usions with incompressible drift

Changfeng Gui, Axial Symmetry of Some Entire Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations: the talk is available upon request

Jean Berard, Brunet-Derrida velocity shift for branching-selection particle systems

Eleonora Cinti, Sharp energy estimates and 1D symmetry for nonlinear equations involving fractional Laplacians

Nassif Ghoussoub, Regularity of extremal solutions in fourth order nonlinear eigenvalue problems