Stanford Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Winter 2010

The Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar meets on Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm in 383-N.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

Date Speaker Title
April 5 Yu-jong Tzeng Classification of Algebraic Surfaces
April 12 Brandon Levin A Theorem of Noether: Monodromy In Action
April 19 Sam Lichtenstein The Lang-Weil estimate
April 26 Rebecca Bellovin Good Reduction of Abelian Varieties
May 3 Stefano Maggiolo Compactifying the moduli space of surfaces
May 10 Dung Nguyen Counting curves of genus zero and one in projective space
May 17 (11am) Jason Lo Thesis defense
May 24 Michael Lipnowski Anisotropic reductive groups

Schedules from previous quarters: Fall 2009 Winter 2010

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