Otis Chodosh

I'm a third year graduate student studying mathematics at Stanford University. My advisor is Simon Brendle.

Before graduate school at Stanford, I completed Part III of Cambridge's Mathematical Tripos, where I was a member of Churchill College. Prior to my stint in the UK, I was an undergraduate math and physics major at Stanford.

My office is 381-D in the math department (building 380).

My email is "ochodosh [at] math.stanford.edu."

I am the CA for Math 171 "Real Analysis" during Spring Quarter 2014. My office hours are 2:10-4:30 on Mondays and 2:10-3:50 on Wednesdays in 381-D. See my past teaching here.


I'm currently co-organizing the Student Geometry and Analysis seminar with Chris Henderson. This year we are holding a learning seminar on elliptic regularity, following the book Elliptic Partial Differential Equations by Han and Lin. The schedule is available here. For more information, or to participate, please contact one of the organizers. A list of talks from previous years is available at the website.

Expository/Lecture Notes: