Khoa Lu Nguyen

Department of Mathematics

Stanford University

450 Serra Mall, Building 380

Stanford, CA 94305

Email address: khoan at math dot (school name) dot edu

Office: 380U1

I am currently a second year graduate student in mathematics at Stanford University. I am working with Professor Yakov Eliashberg.

My interests lie in symplectic topology and differential geometry.



  1. (with Woodward and Ziltener) Morphisms of CoHFT Algebras and Quantization of the Kirwan map (pdf).


Stanford Symplectic Topology Seminar

Stanford Student Symplectic Seminar (S^2 x S^2)

Faculty Area Research Seminar

Teaching: I am currently not TA-ing any class.

Courses: I am currently taking Cohomology of Groups and h-principle.


Old stuffs: I used to be interested in plane geometry when I was in high school. Click me.

Conferences and Workshops:

Integrable system in Gromov-Witten and SFT (January 30-Feb 3)

Contact topology in higher dimension (May 21-May 25)

CAST Summer School 2012 (July 9- July 20)

Workshop in SFT VI (July 21-July 27)

Holomorphic Curves and Low Dimensional Topology (July 28th-August 11)

Symplectic resources: There are wonderful videos on MSRI, IAS and Clay Institute websites. If someone interested in watching these videos with me, we can make a video seminar and discuss about these topics.

  1. 2009-2010 Symplectic and Contact Geometry and Topology in MSRI

    Summer Graduate Workshop

Connection for Women

Introductory Workshop

Algebraic Structures in the Theory of Holomorphic Curves

Symplectic and Contact Topology in Dynamics: Puzzles and Horizons

Symplectic and Poisson Geometry

Symplectic, Noncommutative Geometry and Physics

  1. Spring 2010 Homology Theories of Knots and Links in MSRI

    Connection for Women

    Introductory Workshop

    Research Workshop

  2. Toric Varieties

  3. 2008 Low Dimensional Topology in MSRI

  4. Contact Structures, dynamics and the Seiberg Witten equations in dimension 3

  5. 2006 New Developments in the Geometry and Physics of Gromov Witten Theory

Music: I am interested in classical music. I used to do performance at MIT as an undergraduate. Click me.

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