Y. Katznelson

Winter 2012: Math248

Some papers and other materials in .pdf format

Sur le calcul symbolique ...

Sur les alg\`ebres .... racines carrees

Characterization of C(X)

The two sides of a Fourier-Stieltjes transform ...

Suites Al\'eatoires d'entiers

Sequences of integers dense in the Bohr group

Entiers al\'eatoires et analyse harmonique.

Distribution uniforme de certaines suites d'entiers al\'eatoires dans le groupe de Bohr.

Restrictions of continuous functions

A measure on the group of homeomorphisms of [0,1], quasi-invariant under $C^\alpha$ diffeomorphisms for any $ \alpha > 3/2$.

Idempotents in compact semigroups and Ramsey Theory

Density Hales--Jewett for k=3

Density Hales--Jewett

The classification of Non-Singular actions, Revisited

The action of diffeomorphisms of the circle on the Lebesgue measure

Ergodic Theory and Configurations in Sets of Positive Density

Twist maps and Aubry-Mather sets

Chromatic numbers of Cayley graphs on $\bbz$ and recurrence

Eigenmeasures, Equidistribution, and the Multiplicity of $\beta$-expansions

Hans Samelson: Notes on Lie Algebras