Course description

Lectures on Tu and Th, 1:30-2:50 room 240-101. First meeting Tuesday 1/5.

This course is a topic course for graduate students with advanced basic knowledge in algebraic geometry. This course will cover a selected advanced topics in Gromov-Witten theory and Donaldson-Thomas theory of threefolds. Topics to be covered:

  • Virtual cycles, GW and DT invariants;
  • Localization technique;
  • Degeneration method;
  • g=0 GW of quintics;
  • Reduced GW and DT invariants of K3 surfaces;
  • GW/PT equivarence;
  • GW/NL theory;
  • Proof of KKV conjectrue

Course prerequisite: DM stacks, moduli of stable maps and sheaves, derived category (working knowledge), intersection theory (after Fulton).

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