Current Assignments

Assignment-Seven (to be uploade(due (due Mon. 12/3, 5pm, 383z)

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Solutions to assignments: one, two, three, four.

On Midterms

Midterm: Nov. 2, Friday, 12:20-1:50pm. Room 381T


Course description

This is the first of the sequence COMPLEX ANALYSIS, GEOMETRY AND TOPOLOGY. In this part, we will study advance topics in complex analysis of one variable. Topics include Conformal mappings, complex integration, residue and applications, series and product development, elliptic functions.


The equivalent of at least one quarter (semester) of learning complex analysis, like Math 116.

Course Logistic

  • Meeting Time: MWF, 1:15-2:05PM;
  • And Location: Main Quad 380-381T;
  • Text Book: Complex Analysis, by E. Stein and R. Shakarchi.

Contact Information

  • Office: 380-383Z,
  • And Office Phone: 723-4508
  • E-mail: jli at
  • Office Hours: Tu ? and Wed. ?, or by appointment.

Course assistant

  • Henry Adams
  • office:
  • Office hours:

Course grade

There will be weekly homework, one one and half hours midterm and one take home final exam. Grading: problem sets 40%, midterm 20%, final 40%.


One in class, 90 mins midterm, time TBA. To request an alternative midterm, please contact me at least a week ahead of the scheduled exam.
Take home final; final will be due on ??; final will be available on ??.


Weekly assignments will be posted weekly on Thursday.; they are due the following Wednesdays at 5PM, to my office. (Do not leave the assignments in my mailbox.) No late copies will be accepted unless pre-approved. Discussing problems with others is encouraged, but each is required to work by him/herself on the final copy to be turned in.

Further help and Advice

  • Confused about the material? Your first resource .......
  • Please write neat and complete solutions to the problem sets. "Neat" means well structured, not only esthetically, but also logically. "Complete" means that the grader will need to see a sufficient amount of explanations and details to give you full credit, even if the question only asks for a numerical answer.