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I am currently a Szego Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics at Stanford. My office is 382K at Sloan Hall (Building 380).

I obtained my Ph.D. (2006 - 2011) in statistics at UC Berkeley, under the supervision of Prof. Yuval Peres . In summer 2011, I was a temporary postdoc at U. Washington working with Prof. James Lee . In summer 2010, I was an intern at MSR New England mentored by Dr. Jennifer Chayes . Before coming to Berkeley, I earned my B.S. at School of Mathematical Sciences , Peking University.

My research interests are probability theory and statistical physics. I have been working on mixing times, random graphs, cover times and discrete Gaussian free fields.

Curriculum Vitae

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In fall 2011, I am teaching MATH 136/STAT219 and MATH 51.

Papers (in reversed chronological order)

Contact information

Department of Mathematics
#380 Sloan Hall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

Email: j i a n d i n g -at- m a t h -dot- s t a n f o r d -dot- e d u