Student Probability and Related Fields Seminar

Fridays 2:30-3:30 PM, 381-U
Stanford Mathematics Department

Current quarter

Spring quarter 2008

5/6: John Jiang, Martingale Method in Graph Theory »
5/13: Aaron Smith, Markov Cotype and $l^p$ Embedding Problem »
5/27: Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, Affine Processes and Applications in Finance »
6/3: Olena Bormashenko, Random Walks on Truncated Cubes »

Fall quarter 2008

9/30: Anca Vacarescu, Now You Know What I Did Last Summer: Pricing Credit Instruments »
10/7: Kazuo Yamazaki, The Analysis of the Hessian of Heat Kernel at the Cut Loci of Symmetric Spaces »
10/14: Kaiyuan Zhang, Calibration of the Local Volatility Model with Default »
10/28: Aaron Smith, Introduction to Optimal Transport »
11/4: Jason Miller, Thick Points of the Gaussian Free Field »
11/18: John Jiang, Kac's Model »

Winter quarter 2009

2/10: John Jiang, Manifold-valued Brownian motions »
2/17: John Jiang, Manifold-valued Brownian motions continued »

Winter quarter 2011

2/9: Aaron Smith, Simple Exclusion on the Lattice »
2/16: John Jiang, Application of Markov Chain Mixing Time Analysis to Random Matrix Theory »
2/25: Sukhada Fadnavis, A Generalization of the Birthday Problem »
3/2: Dan Jerison, When Can Harris Recurrence Techniques Yield Explicit Rates of Convergence? »
3/9: James Zhao, The Ewens Sampling Formula »

Spring quarter 2011

4/1: Dan Jerison, Norms and Normality »
4/15: John Jiang, Asymptotic Independence »
4/22: Aaron Smith, Gibbs Samplers on Convex Sets »
4/29: Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, Transportation Cost Inequalities in the Context of Interacting Diffusion Processes »
5/6: Amy Pang, Kolmogorov's Rock Breaking, and Related Walks on Species »
5/13: James Zhao, Universality of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model »
5/20: Bob Hough, Fastest Mixing Random Walk on a Cyclic Group »
5/27: John Jiang, Asymptotic Independence of the Wigner Matrix Spectrum »

Fall quarter 2011

10/7: Aaron Smith, Cutoff Phenomenon for Random Birth and Death Chains »
10/14: Dan Jerison, Hitting Times and the Drift-Minorization Approach »
10/21: James Zhao, The Hopfield Model »
10/28: Nike Sun, Potts and Independent Set Models on d-regular Graphs »
11/4: John Jiang, Mixing Time Upper Bound of Uniformized Rosenthal Walk »
11/18: Aaron Smith, Introduction to Kurtz's Theorem »
12/2: Otis Chodosh, Curvature of the Dirichlet Process over the Interval »
12/9: Chris Henderson, Interdisciplinary Mixing Times »

Winter quarter 2012

1/20: Dan Jerison, Monotonicity, Hazard Rates, and Coupling »
1/27: John Jiang, Mixing Time of the Jack Metropolis Algorithm »
2/24: Bob Hough, Mixing Time Bounds for Random Walk on the Orthogonal Group by Rotations »
3/16: Aaron Smith, Hitting Time Distributions for Markov Chains »

Spring quarter 2012

4/13: Amy Pang, Ribbon Characters, Garcia-Reutenauer Idempotents, and a Biased Amazing Matrix?? »
4/20: Amy Pang, Ribbon Characters, Garcia-Reutenauer Idempotents, and a Biased Amazing Matrix?? (Part 2)
4/27: Aaron Smith, Comparison, Extension and Derangement »
5/4: John Jiang, Extensions and Applications of the Kac Model »