Recommended reading


Participants will get more out of the talks if they are already somewhat familiar with the following. There will be lectures covering some of this material, but it would be best if this was not the first time it was seen.

  1. Pontryagin-Thom theory. See for example, from R. Stong, Notes on cobordism theory, chapters I and II, or Conner and Floyd: Differentiable periodic maps, chapter I section 12. There is a short account in J.P. May: A concise course in algebraic topology, chapter 25.
  2. Classifying spaces of groups. The fact that BG classifies principal G-bundles and the simplicial construction of BG. See for example J.P. May: A concise course in algebraic topology, chapter 16, section 5, or P. Selick: Introduction to homotopy theory, chapter 9. For more details, see J.P. May: Classifying spaces and fibrations, especially chapters 7 and 9.
  3. More on simplicial spaces and the classifying space of a category. See for example G. Segal, Classifying spaces and spectral sequences, section 2.
  4. Spectra and stable homotopy theory. See for example, from A. Hatcher: Algebraic topology, chapter 4, section 4F
  5. Spectral sequences. See for example K. Brown, Cohomology of groups, chapter 7, A. Hatcher: Spectral sequences in algebraic topology, or C. Weibel: An introduction to homological algebra, chapter 5.
  6. If you have more time, you can start looking at the references for individual talks.

Note to Math Overflow users: Dev Sinha has arranged that there is a special tag wcatss for questions related to the topics of the summer school (but please use to communicate with organizers).