Math 120 - Modern algebra - Fall 2012


Classes MWF 1:15 - 2:05 in 380Y
Instructor Soren Galatius
Office 383-DD
Office hours W 9:30-11
Course Assistant Kerstin Baer
Office 381-D
Office hours MW 4-5:30
Course Assistant Graham White
Office 380-R
Office hours TTh 4-5:30

Textbook Abstract algebra, 3rd edition, by Dummit and Foote.

About the class. This class will cover groups, fields, rings, and ideals. More explicitly: Groups acting on sets, examples of finite groups, Sylow theorems, solvable and simple groups. Fields, rings, and ideals; polynomial rings over a field; PID and non-PID. Unique factorization domains. Students more interested in applications of the theory should also consider math 109.

Writing in the Major. Writing is an important part of mathematics, and the WIM assignment is an important part of this class. A draft is due 11/9, final text (4-7 pages) due 11/28. More information.

Midterm10/24, in-class. Open book, open notes. Last year's midterm with solutions. Solutions to this year's midterm.
Final12/12, 8:30AM - 11:30AM, in 380Y. Open book, open notes. Last year's final (problem 5 refers to the classification theorem for finite abelian groups, which wasn't covered this year).

Grades Homework 25%, WIM assignment 15%, Midterm 25%, Final exam 35%.

Lecture plan. The class will cover roughly the first 8 chapters of the book, approximately a chapter a week. A more detailed lecture plan (updated after each lecture) is here.

Homework is due each week. You may discuss the problems with each other, but you must work alone when you write up your solutions. Late homework will not be accepted, but the lowest scoring problem set will be dropped.
Due date Problems
10/50.3.11, 1.1.5, 1.1.20, 1.1.22, 1.1.28 (first read example (6) on page 18), 1.1.32, 1.2.3, 1.3.11, 1.6.4, 1.6.7, and these problems. Solutions.
10/121.4.10(a+b+c), 2.1.6, 2.3.6, 2.3.9, 2.4.14, 3.1.37, 3.1.41, 3.2.11 and these problems. Solutions.
10/193.1.27, 3.2.21, 3.3.4, 3.3.8, 3.4.1, 3.5.3, 3.5.4, 3.5.12 and these problems. Solutions.
11/24.1.2, 4.1.4, 4.2.2, 4.2.8, 4.3.5, 4.3.10, 4.5.4, 4.5.8, 4.5.13, 4.5.16, 4.5.46. Solutions.
11/124.5.30, 7.1.3, 7.1.5 (answers only), 7.3.2, 7.3.10 (answers only), 7.3.24. Solutions.
11/127.4.4, 7.4.8, 7.4.15(b+c), 7.6.1, 7.6.4, and these problems. Solutions.
12/38.1.7, 8.3.8(a), and these problems. Solutions.