Frank Thorne's Talks

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Research Talks

Here are the slides for various Beamer talks I have given, usually at multiple institutions (see my CV for a list).

Bounded gaps between products of primes with applications to elliptic curves and ideal class groups.

Maier matrices beyond $\mathbb{Z}$: long version, short version.

Non-Research Talks

At UW-Madison, Stanford, ...

Note: Most of these links have been unceremoniously killed. Google was ranking them ridiculously high, usually directly in front of the original papers and very often first, and these notes were too hastily written to deserve a position at the top of the queue. (My notes on the Davenport-Heilbronn theorem in particular... wow, those were awful! Please read my paper with Takashi Taniguchi instead.)

I'm happy to send any of the notes to anybody by request.

Shintani zeta functions (under constant revision; please contact me), ongoing.

Coefficients of modular forms (Sato-Tate, Lang-Trotter, etc.), March 2009.

Discriminant bounds and related topics (Odlyzko's lower bounds etc.), January 2009.

The effective Chebotarev density theorem, November 2008.

Davenport-Heilbronn's results on cubic fields (rough notes), (Informal) Analytic Number Theory Seminar, September 2008.

Tate's thesis (2 talks, rough notes), Student Number Theory Seminar, February 2008.

An explicit theta correspondence for (\widetilde{SL}_2, PB^{\times}) (2 talks, rough notes), Student Number Theory Seminar, November 2007.

Eichler-Shimura theory and the existence of rank 0 quotients of modular Jacobians (rough notes), Student Number Theory Seminar, April 2007.

Distributions of Mordell-Weil ranks of elliptic curves, Student Number Theory Seminar, February 2007. (minor corrections TBD)

Maier matrices and the distribution of primes (2 talks), reading seminar, February 2007.

Small gaps between primes, Summer REU, June 2006.

Introduction to sieve methods, Student Number Theory Seminar, March 2006.

Introduction to analytic number theory, Student Analysis Seminar, March 2006.

Ramanujan's ternary quadratic form, Student Number Theory Seminar, October 2005.

Modular forms of half-integral weight, Math 847 (Modular Forms), April 2005.

Related Stuff

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