Stanford Student/Special Algebraic Geometry Seminar


The Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar meets on Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15pm in 383N, with some exceptions noted below. The unusual times are manifestations of the "Special Algebraic Geometry Seminar" which faculty are encouraged to attend.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

Date Speaker Title
October 10 Daniel Litt The Derived Category of Coherent Sheaves on P^n
October 17 Francois Greer Introduction to the Mori Program
October 24 Jeremy Booher Explicit Brauer Induction
October 31 (Special Algebraic Geometry Seminar, 2:30pm, 380Y--note unusual time and place!) Zhiyuan Li The Integral Hodge Conjecture on Some Four-Folds
November 7 Francois Greer Examples in the Mori Program
November 14 (Special Algebraic Geometry Seminar) Luke Oeding Hyperdeterminants of Polynomials
November 21 NA NA
November 28 Sander Kupers Milnor K-theory and Geometry
December 5 Otis Chodosh Algebraic Geometry in Geometric Analysis: Surprisingly not Fiction
December 12 Evan Warner Chow's Theorem
January 16 Rebecca Bellovin p-adic Hodge theory in rigid analytic families
January 23 John Pardon The Yang-Mills Equation on Riemann Surfaces
January 30 Arnav Tripathy Torelli via Fourier-Mukai
February 6 Daniel Litt Construction of the Hilbert Scheme
February 13 Jenya Sapir Length Spectra of Riemann Surfaces
February 20 Zeb Brady Stohr-Voloch Theory
February 27 Sheel Ganatra An introduction to Homological Mirror Symmetry
March 6 Brian Lawrence Poncelet's Porism
April 17 Zeb Brady Deformation Theory and the Cotangent Complex
April 24 Jeremy Booher The Resolution of Singularities for Hilbert Modular Surfaces and Class Numbers
May 1 Sam Nariman Non-diffeomorphic conjugate varieties
May 8 Iurie Boreico Schmidt's Subspace Theorem and Integral Points on Curves and Surfaces
May 15 Niccolo Ronchetti Upper bounds for finite subgroups of algebraic groups
May 22 Sam Nolen Mixed Hodge Structures via Rational Homotopy
May 29 Brian Lawrence TBA

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