Daniel Erman

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan
Evans Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1043

Office: 382-N
Phone: (734)-478-8588
Email: derman at umich dot edu.

The semigroup of Betti diagrams.


I am interested in the use of free resolutions in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, and in the moduli of finite rank algebras. In particular, I am interested in the structure of minimal free resolutions and in the use of syzygetic techniques to study moduli spaces such as the Hilbert scheme of points or moduli spaces of finite covers.

I completed my PhD in May 2010 at the University of California, Berkeley, under the supervision of David Eisenbud. My NSF sponsor is Ravi Vakil.

Expository Odds and Ends

An embedded intersection problem related
to Laurent polynomials and Eulerian numbers.

MSRI Summer School 2011

Together with Irena Swanson and Amelia Taylor, I am co-organizing a summer school on commutative algebra at MSRI for 2011. More information can be found here.


I'm a fan of, which is a site for asking and answering questions about research mathematics.

K-12 Education Consulting

I do small amount of consulting on K-12 education projects, often through the Instructional Research Group.

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