portraitDaniel M. Kane

Department Address:

Stanford University
Department of Mathematics
Building 380, Sloan Hall

Room 382N
Stanford, California 94305

I am a third year mathematics postdoc at Stanford currently funded by an NSF postdoctoral fellowship. I also have substantial interests in theoretical computer science.  My username is dankane, and you can email me at this username @math.stanford.edu, @alum.mit.edu, or @math.harvard.edu, I also have a gmail account with username ALadKeenIn.


As of Spring Quarter 2014 I will be teaching Math 110 (Applications of Number Theory and Field Theory). Class meets from 12:50-2:05 pm on Tuesday and Thursday in 380-380F starting on April 1st. The course webpage may be found here. I will hold office hours from 11:00-12:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday in 380-382N.


I have done a fair bit of research in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.  Although my research interests are diverse, my mathematics work has tended to focus on analytic number theory and my computer science work has typically involved k-independence, polynomial threshold functions or derandomization.