Math 152 Homework Assignments - Spring 2006

About Homework:

  • Homework assignments are due in class on the days indicated below.

  • Future homework assignments will be posted at least one week in advance of the due date.
  • Read and take notes on the chapter associated to the exercises before completing them. Reading math takes longer than reading fiction. Be prepared to spend some time with the section with pencil and paper nearby to take notes, write down questions, or fill in gaps in the steps given in the book.
  • Write up neat solutions, not a collection of scrap work that resulted in the right answer. Be critical of your own solutions: Is each step clearly explained? Is the logic sound?
  • Most of the learning in this course will come from sitting and struggling with these problems, doing lots of examples, and then thinking about what the computations mean. As a result, you MUST work on problem sets by yourself. Office hours for both Kazim and me are an opportunity to discuss problems you are having.
  • Assignment

    Due date


    #1 HW1 (Part I of II)
    HW1 (Part II of II)
    Due: Friday, April 14th Solutions to Part I
    Solutions to Part II
    #2 HW2 (Part I of II)
    Part II (very tiny)
    Due: Friday, April 21st Solutions (p. 1)
    Solutions (p. 2)
    Solutions (p. 3)
    Solutions (p. 4)
    Solutions (p. 5)
    #3 HW3 Due: Friday, April 28th Solutions
    #4 HW4 Due: Friday, May 5th Solutions (p. 1 of 3)
    Solutions (p. 2 of 3)
    Solutions (p. 3 of 3)
    #5 5 problems from Cox:
    Due: Friday, May 12th Solutions (p. 1 of 3)
    Solutions (p. 2 of 3)
    Solutions (p. 3 of 3)
    #6 More problems from Cox:
    2.12 (part (b) only),2.14,2.15
    Due: Friday, May 19th Solutions (p. 1 of 4)
    Solutions (p. 2 of 4)
    Solutions (p. 3 of 4)
    Solutions (p. 4 of 4)
    Problems from Cox:
    2.21 (pick one from equation (2.28)),
    2.27, 3.5
    Due: Friday, May 26th Solutions (p. 1 of 5)
    Solutions (p. 2 of 5)
    Solutions (p. 3 of 5)
    Solutions (p. 4 of 5)
    Solutions (p. 5 of 5)

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