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Ben Brubaker

Ben Brubaker

Szegö Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2125

Office: Building 380, Rm. 382F
(650) 723-4507
(650) 725-6284
(650) 725-4066
Email: brubaker@math.stanford.edu

current CV (as linked PDF)
(last updated Dec. 14, 2005)


My primary research interest is analytic number theory. More specifically, I work on problems in automorphic forms. Here's a list of recent publications and preprints:

Student Research

  • Bob Hough, Stanford Class of '07, wrote a comprehensive Summer Research Journal on Gauss sums, culling from Ireland and Rosen; Berndt, Evans, and Williams; and papers of Weil, Yamamoto, etc. with some original synthesis.
  • Carl Erickson, Stanford Class of '07, has been working on behavior of the Riemann Zeta Function in the critical strip. The resulting article appeared in the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal and can be found in the Spring 2005, Issue 4 of SURJ.
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    This Spring quarter, 2006, I am teaching two courses:

    During the Fall quarter, 2005, I taught Math 51 and Math 248, an introduction to automorphic forms, co-taught with Dan Bump. The course website for Math 51 can be found at:

    For the Spring quarter, 2005, I taught just one course:

    During Winter quarter, 2005, I taught two courses:

    For the Fall quarter, 2004, I taught Math 52: Integral Calculus of Several Variables, a course on integration techniques culminating in the theorems of Stokes, Gauss, and Green.

    During Spring quarter, 2004, I was on leave.

    During Winter quarter, 2004, I taught two courses:


    Job Materials

    This year, I am applying for tenure-track jobs for Fall, 2006. Here is a list of my job materials (Last Updated: December 14, 2005)

    Here are some links to teaching ratings by Brown University's "Critical Review," a student run ratings magazine (for the two courses that I taught as a graduate student):

    Stanford Representation Theory Seminar 2005-2006

    The topics of this seminar range from arithmetic applications of automorphic representations to combinatorics related to Lie algebra representations. A schedule for this year's seminar can be found at:

    Old Seminar Links

    This year, the number theory seminar is jointly run between Stanford and AIM (American Institute of Mathematics). More information about the seminar can be foound at the following link:

    Nat Thiem and I co-chair the Stanford Representation Theory Seminar for the academic year 2004-2005. A preliminary webpage is here:

    Mihran Papikian and I co-chaired the Stanford Number Theory Seminar for the 2003-2004 academic year. A schedule can be found here:



    Collaborators' Websites:


    Ben Brubaker
    Department of Mathematics, Bldg. 380
    Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 94305
    Phone: 650-723-4507
    Fax: 650-725-4066
    Email: brubaker "at" math "dot" stanford "dot" edu

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