Anthony Bak

Contact Info

Stanford University
Dept. of Mathematics, Bldg. 380
Stanford CA 94305

tel: (415) 347-6284

I am interested in the interplay between Geometry and Physics. My fundamental view is that mathematics is more than a analytical tool for solving problems; it is a guide to the fundamental structures and principles of the natural world. I am currently working on several projects:
  1. Computational Topology and Applications.
    1. DHFR Inhibitor and cancer therapies
    2. Moduli Space of Protein Topologies
    3. Multidimensional Variation of Topological Structure

  2. Mathematical Physics and High Energy Particle Theory
    1. Geometric Langlands and Quantum Field Theory. I propose an examination of the connection between the so called classical limit of the Geometric Langlands Conjecture and the full conjecture in the case of a hyperelliptic curve where many of the relevant moduli spaces can be explicitly calculated.
    2. Algebraic Geometry and Heterotic String Theory. A major deficit in the construction of Heterotic String theories is the lack of models with realistic particle spectrum. I propose to examine some promising candidate models building on techniques I developed previously
Although all projects arise from different problems in the natural sciences many similar objects and techniques appear but under different contexts.