Alex Zamorzaev

Caught inside the 
machine of academia...

Department of Mathematics
Stanford University
450 Serra Mall, Building 380
Stanford, CA 94305

Office: 380M
E-mail Address: alzaor [at] math [dot] stanford [dot] edu

About me

I'm in my fourth year of PhD at Stanford University.
CV (for academic purposes, last updated Spring 2014)
Resume (for non-academic jobs, last updated January 2015)
In my free time I hike, practice yoga, teach computers how to tell a veggie burger from chicken tikka masala, find ways to improve voice communiation and try to understand what I actually want using the scientific method.


I am thinking about Gopakumar-Vafa conjecture and other questions about Gromov-Witten invariants in symplectic geometry proposed by Eleny Ionel.
Rumor has it that in the past I used to be interested in number theory and wrote a paper about modular forms and the partition function together with Pak Hin Lee.

Currently (Winter 2015) I'm a CA for MATH 20.

Random notes

Partial notes for MATH 257A: Introduction to Symplectic Topology, Fall 2012, taught by Eleny Ionel.
The final project for the "Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians" course (a.k.a. MATH 273A) taught by Leonard Susskind (Fall 2012): using a finite dimensional approximation to calculate low energy eigenvalues and eigenstates of the quantum harmonic oscillator.