SUMaC 2014

Stanford University Mathematics Camp
July 13 - August 9, 2014

SUMaC is no longer accepting applications for 2014.
Please consider applying to Stanford Summer College

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SUMaC Goals

  • To bring mathematically talented and motivated high-school students from across the United States, and from around the world, to Stanford University for four weeks of serious mathematical pursuits.
  • To provide access for these students to advanced topics in mathematics, in a way that is fun and interesting.
  • To lead these students through topics that are of great significance in the historical development of mathematics, that are important to current lines of mathematical research, and that have applications in the sciences.
  • To provide a friendly social environment for interaction between SUMaC participants and Stanford Mathematics Department faculty and students.

SUMaC Includes

  • An intensive course in higher mathematics.
  • A guided research project that allows students to individually pursue a focussed area of interest, related to the course.
  • A guest lecture series covering a range of topics, given by internationally-known research mathematicians.
  • Group problem-solving sessions and individual tutoring.
  • Social events and outings.
  • On-campus housing and dining, plus access to campus athletic and library facilities
Financial aid is available.

Phone: (888) 423-6040 or (650) 721-2947