Stanford Department of Mathematics Colloquium 2011-2012

Thursdays, 4:15 in 380-W
(unless otherwise indicated)

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Schedule of talks:

Spring Quarter 2012
April 12 Jean-Michel Bismut
(Paris-Sud / Orsay)
MRC Distinguished Lecturer Series
Chern Gauss-Bonnet, index theory, and Fourier transform

April 19 Joaquin Perez
Classification of constant mean curvature spheres in metric Lie groups
May 10 Robert Finn
Mutual Attractions Between Floating Bodies: an Idealized Case
May 17 Richard Thomas
(Imperial College)
The Göttsche conjecture
May 24 Eyal Lubetzky
(Microsoft Research, Theory Group)
The static and stochastic Ising models
May 31 Anna Wienhard
Beatrice Yormark Distinguished Lecture Series
Dynamics and geometry of discrete subgroups of semi-simple Lie groups
Winter Quarter 2012
January 5 NO SEMINAR  
January 12Leonid Polterovich
(Tel Aviv & Chicago)
Geometry and dynamics of symplectic maps
January 13
Room 380-C
(note special day & room)
Lexing Ying
On Fast Numerical Algorithms for Electronic Structure Calculation
January 17
2:30pm; Room 383-N
(note special day, time, & room)
Laurent Saloff-Coste
Random walks from a geometric perspective
January 18
12:15pm; Room 383-N
David Kazhdan
(Hebrew University)
Basics of BV-integration
January 19 Zhiwei Yun
Motives and the inverse Galois problem
January 26 William Minicozzi
(Johns Hopkins)
Dynamics and singularities of mean curvature flow
February 2 TBA TBA
February 9 TBA TBA
February 16 Burt Totaro
The integral Hodge conjecture for 3-folds
February 23 Valentino Tosatti
Ricci curvature and complex geometry
February 28
4:00pm; Room 383-N
(note special day, time, & room)
Charles Fefferman
Formation of singularities in fluid interfaces
March 1 Dusa McDuff
Beatrice Yormark Distinguished Lecture Series
Embedding questions in symplectic geometry
March 22 Scott Sheffield
Imaginary geometry and SLE
Fall Quarter 2011
October 6 TBA TBA
October 13 Leonard Susskind
(Stanford Physics)
P-adic numbers and Cosmology
October 20 Marcelo Aguiar
(Texas A&M University)
Algebra based on real hyperplane arrangements
October 27
3:15pm / Room 380-C
Jeff Cheeger
(Courant Institute/NYU)
Quantitative differentiation
October 27
4:40pm / Room 380-C
(note special time & room)
Jeremy Quastel
(University of Toronto)
The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation and its universality class
November 3 Steve Smale
(City University of Hong Kong)
From Images to Vaccines and the Unifying Power of Mathematics
November 10 Steve Zelditch
(Northwestern University)
Geometry of nodal sets of eigenfunctions
November 17 Daniel Bump
(Stanford University)
Whittaker Functions and Demazure Characters
November 24 NO SEMINAR turkey facing right  Thanksgiving Holiday  turkey facing left
December 1 Bradley Efron
(Stanford University)
A 250-Year Argument (Belief, Behavior, and the Bootstrap)
December 2
Nantel Bergeron
(York University)
Combinatorial Hopf algebras, Categorification and Representation Theory
December 8 NO SEMINAR