Stanford Department of Mathematics Colloquium 2012-2013

Thursdays, 4:15 in 380-W
(unless otherwise indicated)

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Schedule of talks:

Spring Quarter 2013
April 4 TBA TBA
April 11 TBA TBA
April 18 Andrea Bertozzi
Beatrice Yormark Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series
Geometric Methods in Image Processing, Networks, and Machine Learning
April 25
May 2 Pengfei Guan
Isoperimetric-type inequalities and flows of hypersurfaces in spaces of constant curvatures
May 9 Arun Ram
Combinatorics, Representations and Elliptic cohomology
May 16 Richard Montgomery
(UC–Santa Cruz)
Conundrums and Dreams for the N-body problem
May 23 TBA TBA
May 30 Melanie Ruiz Film Screening:
Atomic Dream—a film about spaceships, atomic bombs, and Freeman Dyson
Winter Quarter 2013
January 10 János Kollár
MRC Distinguished Lecturer Series (talk 1)
Local Topology of Analytic Spaces
January 14
(NOTE: Monday, 4:00pm,
Room 380-C
Maryanthe Malliaris
Comparing the complexity of unstable theories
January 17
David Hoffman
Helicoidal minimal surfaces of every genus
February 7 Ivan Corwin
(Microsoft Research)
Integrable particle systems and Macdonald processes
February 7
(NOTE: 12:15pm,
Room 383-N
Mark Tygert
(Courant Institute/NYU)
Computer-enabled metrics of statistical significance for discrete data
February 14 Amie Wilkinson
Beatrice Yormark Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series
The “general case”
February 21 Stefano Olla
Université Paris—Dauphine)
Thermodynamics Minicourse
From Dynamics to Thermodynamics, Part 1
February 28
Luis Caffarelli
Homogenization of surfaces and boundaries
March 7 NO SEMINAR  
March 14 Svitlana Mayboroda
Elliptic PDEs, analysis, and potential theory in irregular media
March 21 TBA TBA
Autumn Quarter 2012
October 4 NO SEMINAR
October 11 Sourav Chatterjee
(Courant Institute/NYU)
Invariant measures and the soliton resolution conjecture
October 18 NO SEMINAR
October 25 Michael Struwe
(ETH Zürich)
MRC Distinguished Lecturer Series (talk 1)
Conformal metrics of prescribed Gauss curvature
November 1 Ravi Kannan
(Microsoft Research)
Sampling from a Matrix
November 8 Joel Spencer
(Courant Institute/NYU)
Finding Needles in Exponential Haystacks  CANCELED
November 15 NO SEMINAR
November 22 NO SEMINAR turkey facing right  Thanksgiving Holiday  turkey facing left
November 29 Peter Scholze
MRC Distinguished Lecturer Series (talk 1)
p-adic Hodge theory Part 1
December 6 NO SEMINAR
December 7
Room 381-T
Angela Hicks
(UC-San Diego)
Diagonal Harmonics, Macdonald polynomials and Parking Functions
December 13 NO SEMINAR