Stanford Department of Mathematics Colloquium 2006-2007

Thursdays 4:15-5:15 pm in 380-W

Click on the title to see the abstract (if available). For more information, please contact Ravi Vakil (vakil@math), Rafe Mazzeo (mazzeo@math), or Andras Vasy (andras@math).


September 28 Gerard Ben Arous (EPFL / NYU) Some aspects of slow relaxation to equilibrium
October 5 Kannan Soundararajan (Stanford) Multiplicative functions
October 12 Nils Dencker (University of Lund) Solvability and the Nirenberg-Treves Conjecture
October 19
October 26
November 2 Gilles Carron (Univ. Nantes) Lp cohomology and Riesz transform CANCELLED
November 15 Emmanuel Candes (Caltech) Sense-less but smart! Signal acquisition by random sensing (4:15 pm, 383-N, note unusual date, time, and location)
November 16 Alice Guionnet (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon) Random matrices and combinatorics of maps
Friday, December 1, 3pm Robbert Dijkgraaf Gauge theories and free fermions
December 7 John Baez (UC Riverside) Higher gauge theory
January 11 Alexander Voronov (Minnesota) Duality in graph homology
January 18 Mark Kisin (Chicago) The Fontaine-Mazur conjecture and modular forms
January 25 Olivier Pironneau (Jussieu) Numerical zoom
February 1 Bjorn Poonen (Berkeley) Integer solutions to x^2 + y^3 = z^7
February 8 Henri Berestycki (Paris VI) Reaction-diffusion equations and biological invasions
February 15 Jean-Yves Welschinger (ENS Lyon) Effective classes and Lagrangian tori in symplectic four-manifolds
February 22 Boris Rozovsky (Brown) Passive scalar equation for Kraichnan type velocity field
March 1 Bryna Kra (Northwestern) Combinatorial ergodic theory
March 8 Steven Krantz (AIM and Washington University) The boundary behavior of holomorphic functions
April 5 Alan Weinstein (Berkeley) Hopfish algebras
April 12 Jonathan Mattingly (Duke/MSRI) Anomalous dissipation and ergodicity in stochastically forced fluid models
April 19 Rene Carmona (Princeton) Stochastic dynamics and no-arbitrage in financial mathematics
April 26 Vladimir Arnol'd (first lecture of the distinguished lecture series) Morse Functions Statistics
May 3 Victor Ivrii (Toronto) Everything started from Weyl
May 10 Mike Hutchings (Berkeley) Floer homology of 3-manifolds via embedded pseudoholomorphic curves
May 17 Nitu Kitchloo (UC San Diego) Dominant K-theory and representations of infinite dimensional groups
May 24
May 31 Gigliola Staffilani (MIT) The mass critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation: what's new?

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