Stanford Algebraic Geometry Seminar 2006-2007

Fridays 3:15-4:15 pm in 383-N

Click on the title to see the abstract (if available). For more information, please contact Jun Li (jli), Sam Payne (sampayne) or Ravi Vakil (vakil),

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    Schedule of talks:

    Tuesday, October 3 Joe Harris (Harvard) and János Kollár (Princeton) Berkeley-Stanford Algebraic Geometry Colloquium (at Berkeley)
    October 13 Daniel Allcock (Texas) A new Torelli theorem for cubic threefolds
    October 20 Holger Kley (Colorado State) Petersen 2-plane arrangements and surfaces with many 7-secants
    October 27 Mark Gross (San Diego) From affine geometry to complex geometry: Instanton corrections via tropical disks
    November 3 Eugene Tevelev (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Geometry of Chow quotients of Grassmannians
    November 11-12 Patrick Brosnan (UBC), Paolo Cascini (UCSB), Tommaso de Fernex (Utah), Paul Hacking (Washington), János Kollár (Princeton), Max Lieblich (Princeton), Sam Payne (Stanford) Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar (at Utah)
    November 17 Martin Olsson (Berkeley) Deformation theory of (morphisms of) log schemes
    Tuesday, November 28 Charles Weibel (Rutgers) and Sam Grushevsky (Princeton) Berkeley-Stanford Algebraic Geometry Colloquium (at Stanford)
    Tuesday, January 16 Mark Kisin (Chicago) and Christopher Hacon (Utah) Berkeley-Stanford Algebraic Geometry Colloquium (at MSRI)
    January 19 Eduard Looijenga (Utrecht) Invariants of the geometric and of the automorphic kind
    January 26 Allen Knutson (San Diego) Limits of varieties: subschemes vs. branchvarieties
    February 2 Kai Behrend (UBC) On the categorification of Donaldson-Thomas invariants
    February 9 Meng Chen (Fudan) Canonical stability index of three folds of general type
    March 16 Maryam Mirzakhani (Princeton) Lattice point asymptotics, and conformal densities on Teichmuller spaces
    March 23 Brian Conrad (University of Michigan) Lifting CM abelian varieties to characteristic 0
    April 6 Phillip Griffiths (IAS) and Luc Illusie (Paris-Sud) Berkeley-Stanford Algebraic Geometry Colloquium (at Stanford)
    April 13 Jarod Alper (Stanford) Are Artin stacks locally quotient stacks?
    Wednesday April 18, 4 pm Jim Bryan (UBC) The quantum McKay correspondence
    Tuesday, April 24 at noon Alina Marian (Stanford) Lie algebra actions on the cohomology of hyperquot schemes
    Weekend April 28-29 Coskun, Gualtieri, Hacon, McKernan, Oprea, Polishchuk, Sawon Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar in Seattle
    May 4 no seminar (Andy Schultz defense)
    May 11 Sam Grushevsky (Princeton) A geometric characterization of Prym varieties
    May 18 Roya Beheshti (MSRI) Rational surfaces in smooth hypersurfaces
    May 25 Yi Hu (Arizona) A compactification of the spaces of maps from P^1 to P^n
    June 1

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