Sam Nariman Sam Nariman

Department of Mathematics
Stanford University
450 Serra Mall, Building 380
Stanford, CA 94305-2125
Email: My last name AT

About me
I am a fifth-year graduate student in Department of Mathematics.
Soren Galatius is my advisor.

Research Interest
I am interested in homological stability, Diffeomorphism groups of manifolds, foliation theory, etale homotopy theory and in general applications of homotopy theory in geometry. Here is more detailed description of my research interests.

Publications and Preprints
1. My master thesis (in persian) On the structure of real and complex cobordism ring
2. An expository article on analytic cycles (in persian) Analytic cycles on complex manifolds , Farhang va Andishe Riazi 48 (2011)
3. Universal dictatorship lemma . with M.Akbarpour, draft is ready upon request.
4. Homological stability and stable moduli of flat bundles. ( ArXiV)
5.Stable homology of surface diffeomorphisms made discrete. ( ArXiV)
6.Braid groups and discrete diffeomorphism groups of punctured disks. in preparation

CAing and TAing:

I am not teaching this quarter .